Turkish Consulate General in Melbourne

CG's Message


Our Dear Citizens,

Following the signing of the agreement between Turkey and Australia, regarding migration on October 5, 1967, the first Turkish fleet of 185 Turkish citizens has arrived in 1968. In years, this number has gradually reached approximately 80.000 within our designated jurisdiction.

It is promising to note that while our citizens have overcome all sorts of obstacles since the first day of their arrival, they have also successfully integrated to the multi-cultural structure of the Australian way of life on the one hand and continued to protect their cultural and moral values on the other. In addition, it is pleasing to witness that our citizens have successfully played part in significant successes and within this framework, represented our nation to the utmost level.
Today, our citizens have successfully contributed to the cultural, social and economic development of Australia and are more actively involved in decision-making mechanisms. Solidarity among the members of Turkish community which successfully adapt to the Australian way of life is a role model for other communities as well.

Our main objective is that Turkish community gradually becomes more successful in every aspect and marks their stand. The unity and solidarity among our community is the only way to reach this aim.

Since the commencement of our Consulate General in 1973, we have displayed efficient effort to provide quality service to our citizens. Among our priorities are the peace and comfort of our citizens. Our main principle is to provide efficient and friendly services. Within this framework, we would like to improve the quality of our services taking the suggestions and recommendations of our citizens into consideration. Our doors are always open to our citizens.

We hope that we are able to provide better and more efficient service through our web site.